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My name is Agnes Hjalmarsson and I was born in Helsingborg in 2002. Today I reside in Malmö after graduating at Östra Grevie Folkhögskola focusing on oil painting. Through my artistry I explore my own experiences and thoughts regarding themes of ethnicity, relationships and identity using my own family and the asian diaspora as a basis. I try to highlight the beauty in everyday situations and capture humanity in its mundane glory. In a way my art is a personal reminder to appreciate and find meaning in the little moments and encounters that make life worthwhile. 


Group Exebition Redan Galleri

4.11-4.12 2022


Joel Arvidsson, Gothenburg
Ida Glitre, Aarhus
Emma Ekstam, Immeln
Agnes Hjalmarsson, Malmö
Jens Lundberg, Hörby
Sofia Kråka, Stockholm
Amela Rasi, Munich

Jonas Silfversten, Malmö


IMG_9250_Original 2_edited.jpg

Frederiksborg Castle


The jury awards the talent prize to Agnes Hjalmarsson
Business in the Front

Oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm


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