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 TO MY MUSE  is a love declaration to my first love, a man who completely changed my life the second I laid eyes on him. He not only showed me how to love, but more importantly how to live with care, peace and purpose. 

   The paintings give an intimate glimpse into the domestic life and personal relationship of two artists living in a one room apartment. Fascinated by the symbiotic nature of our partnership the “Andy portraits'' organically grew into a full collection over the course of a few months. In short the purpose of the exhibition is to commemorate the love defining this  era of my life.

    Through the female gaze I intend for this collection of portraits to explore the artist vs sitter relationship using contemporary references to pop culture, art history as well as inside jokes from our time together. In a feminist context it acts as a humorous flip of the script on the traditionally gendered roles in the realm of portraiture. I hope that my respect and adoration for the subject will convey even a fraction of the love we share to whoever witnesses it. 

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