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Made in Sweden acts like a visualisation of my identity as the daughter of a Korean adoptee, born and raised in sweden. By playfully using ironic exaggerations and stereotypes I aim to capture the dissonance between my heritage, physical appearance and environment. Considering my upbringing, the interpretation of my heritage is filtered through a Western lens which presented me an opportunity to explore orientalism as both perceiver and perceived.  So when stepping into the role of the “passive, exotic asian woman” and placing her in other contexts I intended to flip the script and balance a supposedly ancient power dynamic. 

However, through the creation of this exhibition I found my pre-programmed views of cultural appropriation and identity deeply challenged. What truly determines a person’s ethnic currency? Is it your upbringing, your endured hardships or have we circled back to DNA percentage? Am I decolonizing myself or appropriating a foreign culture?  Who decides and where does that leave people like me? For me, the true power of these pieces was not found in a political role reversal, rather the playful disregardment of them. I hope to find a visual representation of my identity that isn’t “half-anything” but rather an intricate blend of influences and experiences that transcend categorization.

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